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[剧透] [Unproven] LC 51 spoiler English version

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Chapter 51 Unstable omen

Although there is lot of rubble in front of Aldebaran, There is nothing molested near Tenma.

“Ohhhh…..” Aldebaran still keeps the standing pose. Some voice is appearing from the rubble.
“Fu—wa!!” New specter appears.
“Damned, it’s out of luck. Kyubu and Wimber are all vaporizers, and went to die so easily” “However, even Taurus cannot find there still one is in his coffin corner”

“It’s me, Master Geros, the frog” Geros , who wants to take benefit from there two dead specters , try to take Pegasus’ head and back to the inferno.
However, there is huge barrier in front of him; he continues kicking Taurus’ body. “How troubling a dead man, lie down right now!!! You this Taurus… ””GeRo GeRo GeRo GeRo….”

Suddenly, Geros is blown away. “It’s new Saint? The black fire is…..”
Kagaho , the Bennu is appearing and stepping on the frog. His Surplice (specter’s cloth) is still beaten-up.

“It’s unacceptable, I don’t think it’s Hades’ willing. Tell me!! Whose order is it to assassinate Pegasus” The black fire questions and still steps on the frog.

“You want to share my credit? You this hyena, take your feet from me!!!”
“GeRo… I…I say it….It’s Pandora’s order”
“What’s wrong with Hades?”
“GeRo…””Hades concentrates his attention to make the LOST CANVAS”
“Pandora always talks about the topic to Cait Sith Cheshire that whether Hades (Allan) is real Hades’ reincarnation “

This order is made from anxious Pandora. Now, you can’t say that Pandora has held the power to direct Hades’ military.

Geros make a proposal for alliance. “Your power plus my brain, so that, even the big three in the inferno…. ”
“GeRoAhh…..” Kagaho stamps the frog to pieces. “I never obey anyone except Hades”

As time goes by, Tenma wakes up. “!” He cannot stop crying for seeing Aldebaran lying beside him. “It’s not a easy thing to let him down” “!” “Even die; he is still a strong man”

Kagaho appears suddenly. “Specter, it’s you…you kill Aldebaran…?” Kagaho stop the punch in sonic speed from Tenma, and Tenma is brought down by black fire.

(Black fire, he is so strong…)
“It’s pity that I’m not the one to kill Aldebaran ” “……” “!”
Kagaho seized Tenma by the collar.
“So spineless, there will be more assassins. This two are just forward” (to assassinate me…Is it possible that...Aldebaran…)
“Nmm…” He loosed Tenma.
“Wait.. It’s Allan…Hades’ order?” “It’s from Pandora” “!”
Kagaho explains about that Pandora hold the power to direct Hades’ military.
“Why… Allan…” “If you want to know, try to confirm it yourself…” Kagaho leaves with black fire.(Taurus, I’ve pay you back…)
“Aldebaran”  “Aldebaran…why…” “What happened? Why Aldebaran is dead…?”
“…sorry” Tenma leaves and there is a quiver in his fist.

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