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[剧透] [Proven] LC 52 spoiler English version

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Chapter 52 Determination

Do you hear that..? Aldebaran was gone…., his injured body should not accept heavy fight.”
“It’s said he was protecting the bronze saint who was assassinated by specters out of 12 houses….” “It’s PEGASUS.” There is rumor flowing over the Sanctuary.

Blinding to the workers of rehabilitation, Tenma carried cloth suitcase on the back, and no one knows where he is… (I can’t stay in the Sanctuary anymore.)

Shion called Touko. They tried to find Tenma, however, still can’t find him. He was so unstable owing to Sisyphus and Allan. “I hope there is no self-abuse in him because of Aldebaran’s death” Disappearing in such emergency situation could be sentenced as abscondence.

“Sorry Shion, you are my only partner to help me solving such troubling things.””I know, however, he is the same as your brother, I can’t let him go as that”
“I’ll help you to find him ” After Shion said that, Shion disappeared. Tougo saluted to Shion, then departured as light speed.

In the saint’s graveyard, Student A stands in the front of Aldebaran’s grave and he was crying. Student B appeared with her real face.

Selinsa, who don’t want to be saint anymore and try to find second way to fight, encouraged him (student A). “You get the name “Aldebaran” from master Hasgad (Taurus’s original name), you should be the man worthy to this name”

“Yes, I’ll” said A.

We’ll get out from the sadness, one day Saro (Student A) will understand master Taurus’ teaching “be stronger”

There is good mood between them. Tenma is looking at them in a distant place, just like wants to say sorry to them.

As he wants to leave, “ohh…, you are PEGASUS..? Why are you fooling around in this emergency?  Hehe… It seems the same as me…  ”  “Who are you…?”
I am Manigoldo (executioner, in italian), the Cancer; Tougo and Sjion are looking for you” Cancer gold saint appears with flying mantle.
“Let me go, Cancer. It’s all my fault to be in the Sanctuary, and that’s the reason causing Aldebaran’s death”
“?? Why you think so…”
“The specter with black fire said Pandora will keep sending assassins to kill me, if I still stay in the sanctuary, someone maybe die for that. So I’ll leave the Sanctuary and fight by myself, so…..”
“hahahahahah….haha…” so arrogant, you this bronze saint. Cancer laughs; Tenma don’t know why he laughs.
“…..””I don’t know why you mind it, it’s war. The only reason of Taurus’s death is his weakness, isn’t it?”
“There is always death in the war, I wants to sent this sentence to you, the only reason that you wants to go is also your weakness”

“Abscondence, it’s death sentence” Tenma is blown away by Cancer, and Cancer laughs and catches him with his cloth suitcase. “Why…”

“I can’t kill you because of being best friend of Hades’ container; you still have value to use. I think you are not good kid, let’s go…” Where are they go as cancer drags Tenma with his cloth suitcase.

Tenma is jailed. “Bye, I’ll let you go at the right time” Then, Cancer goes…

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