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[剧透] [Proven] LC 53 spoiler English version

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Chapter 53 Imprison

Doing Tenma’s not utmost to destroy the jail; neither a hole nor a crack is appearing. Once he recalled about Taurus and Virgo, he looked so sadly.

“If Pandora has commanded all the specters, how was Allan?” thought Tenma.

In the meanwhile, Pandora is so anxious about that the Frog has gone with Taurus, but Tenma is still alive.

It’ll be so bad if three masters know it….She is so anxious. Then the god of sleep is appearing as the look of priest. “I can forgive you this time”

“Do you think how will Hades do for…” smiled the God of Sleep. There comes the message that Allan calls Pandora.

“Receiving his jobation wordlessly, or using something as an excuse? No matter what you do, Hades will never pay his attention on your heart, and I think that he should give you penalty” said to Pandora, the God of Sleep.

The God of Death is appearing in the back of Pandora.”You should send Hades to the studio”
“Sorry, I can’t, I can’t betray Hades to do that” said Pandora.

“It’s not a betrayal, that’s your love to Hades. If you don’t do that, he’ll go to the side of Pegasus one day, and what we do is trying to direct him to your side”

“I lend you my power, all is for Hades” said the God of Sleep, and he gives Pandora a flower.

In Hades’ room, “make a self-examination” Although she is blamed by Hades, she still ask why are you so persisting in Pegasus.

“I didn’t, didn’t…” Once Pandora felt at ease for these words, however, she found the center of the LOST CANVAS is Allan, Sasha and Tenma, these three.

“What’s that painting ?” asked Pandora.
“It’s the last painting I want to finish, and that’s my rescue” answered Allan.

Angry Pandora used the power of the God of Sleep to send Allan to the studio in the unknown dimension.

Allan disappeared with smiles. “Forgive me….that’s all for the inferno, no….just for Hades” crying Pandora.

“Rhadamanthys, Alakos!!!!”

Both Tenma and Allan are in the jail, how will the war go….?

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对我来说英文版的比日文版的更难看懂…… [s:88]  [s:88]
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剧透。。。好多啊 [s:34]  [s:34]  [s:34]
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主要是说艾伦被获得睡神力量的潘多拉囚禁 [s:15]  [s:15]  [s:15]  [s:15]  [s:15]
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那冥斗士可以进去么?  [s:14]

呃...他想大家一起同归于尽么?= =

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“Rhadamanthys, Alakos!!!!” ——两大巨头上场拉
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