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[剧透] [Unproven] LC 54 spoiler English version

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Chapter 54 On the way trip

As Tenma tried to get out of the jail, Yato, who came through the secret tunnel, is appearing.

“You are in Camel, aren’t you?” surprised Tenma. “I’ll tell you detail later” They grasp through the secret tunnel.

“Good job, Yato and Tenma” A saint with mask is appearing. “Silver saint, is she troops in pursuit?”

“Let me be your opponent” Tenma talked to the opponent in erotic (sexy) cloth, however, Yato tried to stop him. Then, Tenma shouted to the silver saint “Why are you wordless, let start to fight!!!”

“So I said the mask is stupid…” said silver saint, then she took off her mask. “It’s ok right, I’m Yuzuriba ,the CRANE

“Yuzuriba, you has become saint…!!!”  “I have saint credentials already, but my cloth is still in the Sanctuary. The elder gave me the cloth in passing”

“Silver saint…so surprising” said Yato.”The old man is not a common one”
“Don’t call him old man….”

“I got the order to save you from the old man” said Yato
“You are so easy arrested” Yuzuriba.

“Anyway, we should go out of the Sanctuary, I’ll go with you wherever you want to go…” said Yato.
“As you said that, I want to go to the Hades Castle…” Yato become bloodless immediately.

Meanwhile, Athena got the report from the Pope that Pegasus is in jail for secure purpose. “In the deep of the Sanctuary, even the enemy cannot arrive easily, so beg your pardon

“If Pegasus goes die, then the only connection to my brother’s human heart will be cut. That’s Pandora’s goal, however…however….” “I totally understand….” said Athena.
“The goddess, Athena” said the Pope.

“Although it’s good that you have the responsibility as Athena, but I know you are just trying to cover up your heart”
“You are… the elder of Camel…?” Adora and the elder are appearing. “Long time no see…!!!”

The elder proposed that he wants to set Tenma free. “That’s the desire of Sasha, right? I know it’s so hard for the Pope the change the order, I’ll take all the responsibility for it…”

The Pope knows what the elder wants to say. “I don’t hear anything about that Tenma is out of jail, even so, I have no available manpower for arresting a bronze saint” said the Pope smartly.

“If you have anything wistful, then it’s the only time now, Sasha…”Reminded Sasha gives Adora the Nike stick, then runs out.

The three have go out of the Sanctuary. “That’s the last sight for the Sanctuary, if so, I want to see Athena once” Yato murmured.

Sasha is appearing. “Why…” said Tenma.
Sasha sees the bracelet in Tenma’s left hand and then smiles.

(I’ll keep my promise)(If time could go back to days that we three are happy together, so the holy war…..)

(No matter you or Allan…)(I’ll hold you together, and pass all the barrier…..)

Recalling the determination, they start on the trip for fight again…..

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coool saint of crane  [s:16]
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seems like another slow chapter hopefully it's not true.
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