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[剧透] LC 59 spoiler English version

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Ch 59 Unforgivable
Tenma was attacked by the orphanage zombies. “Why only Tenma survived...?”
These zombies were much more closer.
“Damned” Tenma just run away…, however there was no way to hide, Tenma didn’t know how to do…

“Why….why all friend were dead” said the girl zombie, Tenma is surprised.
Then the blond zombie tries to kill Tenma with ax.

Suddenly, three zombies were blown away.
“If you still fooled around, you’ll be eaten…”

Cancer is appearing in front of Tenma with smile. “Let me deal them..”  
The zombies were blown away soon. “You, guy…!! ” Tenma try to stop Cancer.

“You are so fool, it’s just illusion, the common people should not entry this forest…”
Cancer is smiling as he feel enemy’s cosmos…”I’ve said that you still have value to use…right?” After saying that, then give a punch to Tenma…
Tenma dodged., but the tree and specter are strike down

“I’m…. the Troll…..(then dead…)” Said the specter.

“Hurry to find the Unicorn and the Crane and leave ASAP….!!!”
“That’s the way of Pandora..? It’s unforgivable that using these orphanages” Said Cancer.

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cancer~~I can't wait to see you next week~~
you 've lost for a long timeT_T
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英文版本  [s:9] 巨蟹就这么出来一下救人
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