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[资讯] 圣斗士星矢 圣斗少女翔(Saintia Sho) Chimaki Kuori 专访!

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圣斗士星矢 圣斗少女翔(Saintia Sho) Chimaki Kuori 专访!
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8 y7 v; _& I9 H; c+ o# P) K4 l0 f0 M& K, s6 |
资源: YouTube French Channel ~ "Mangas"
1 m- ?6 \+ R4 P  v8 |+ _( V翻译 Fr/Eng: Edern Stipon "Grupo Next Dimension"% x: d( ?9 M2 F/ v

$ t. @1 p, m, T* K! U# xReporter : « The saint seiya serie created in 1986 by Masami Kurumada has not said its last word yet. After the different mangas Episode G, Lost Canvas and Next dimension we saw arriving in 2013 a brand new manga called Santia Sho drawing by Chimaki Kuori. This manga gives the honnor to the girls soldiers of Saint Seiya. We had the chance to meet the drawer who prefers staying in the shadow and provide us very breautiful drawings » :
$ t) u. |5 }; O: h) d8 ?
9 J0 L2 {0 D* ^) i2 uChimaki Kuori : « at the basis the Santia Sho project was a totally new Saint Seiya and should have been a story where only girls interfere. But at a point the following problem occured : does the original fans of Saint Seiya will like this world that is a little different of what they used to see ? Actually truth is that Saint Seiya is a men’s serie. And we thought in the aim that the serie would be accepted by the fans of the original Saint Seiya also, we must build a story that will take place at a time line that will allow the original soldiers to regulary appear in order to satisfy everyone. »
1 w* Y6 N1 f& ^0 E4 Q3 Q1 Z7 a3 x' W
Reporter : « Kuori is sucessfull in linking the story with the original serie volume by volume. «
* c0 p, f6 h; F  _# [- V3 c6 T
7 S+ E, O$ ?/ I' W' KChimaki Kuori : « actually, it is a little pity, because if you read only the first episode, a lot will miss to you. Then the first volume only won’t seem to you so linked to the Saint Seiya’s univers. But to quickly explain you Santia Sho, it is Shoko’s story, a young girl that despite of herself will be implicated in a god war and we can see how she is involved in. In the first volume we learn how from a simple young girl she became what we actually call a Santia, an Athena’s female soldier. »6 E2 X. O* r; H+ X+ @7 N% C
0 p; p$ m9 s( K3 d* [' ?! T" m
Reporter : « through the way of Shoko, the manga allows to once more meet some Saint Seiya’s characters and bring new elements to their own stories. »( b& W6 O1 E7 M$ |. l) m. i

$ g2 b1 y3 Y. v% `9 |7 dChimaki Kuori : « So indeed that is the case, we take the oportunity to issue flashbacks on previous episodes that have not been so clear or we add some precisions (details). But it is not the main goal. The objective is to bring the reader in a familiar univers. But the heroe of the story remains Shoko. And the way of how Shoko will defeat her oponents and triumph of all ordeals waiting for her. Nevertheless, when orignal soldiers appear their problematics are also highlighted in the manga. And actually we discover once more, with a different manner elements that took place in the original manga. This new lighting allows to have precisions. But it is not the main purpose of the manga. »
0 E0 S. d9 Q" y+ ]( T6 ]
: e$ l  j; J( L/ h! c7 dReporter : « Chimaki Kuori had the heavy task to create new soldiers and mark the difference with all previous manga and series. « * G: W8 @6 c8 u0 Y  c3 y

# n" C3 W! m4 BChimaki Kuori : « For Santias it was not so complicated because it deals with totally new characters and I already had received before the main directive lines from Masami Kurumada that told me « so, they are 5, they are more or less like this ». The most complicated was when we needed to create new soldiers because if they were soldiers that never appeared in the original (art)work we needed to imagine them. And it is true that we have a list of constellations that have not yet be used, and this one is shorter and shorter. So, at that point it was tough, to find constellations which were still free or that never appeared yet in the anime or the different mangas. »0 D$ D8 H1 `0 G0 @$ E2 @

! |) \5 w+ h+ @, t" K( z) o- MReporter : « Saint Seiya’s univers seems to be a limitless source of inspiration as spin off series are multiplicated since the last 30 years. »
1 o3 p- H9 M7 K0 H" ^
2 \3 V. ^; I  [0 |* t6 J6 W4 lChimaki Kuori : « Actually, in my opinion, the most part of what could be adapted have already been into the original anime serie. On the other hand I do not have so much ideas on what we could take and make in addition. Currently, I am focused on Next Dimenson; at each new chapter, we discover new characters and so I am waiting eagerly (with impatience) in order to see who will be the next character to appear. “1 u; x) @& j. k( @8 t) P* O) f
. _' ?3 T! g9 q2 R* M9 E6 m0 C, n/ b
Reporter: “you can already find 8 volumes of Shantia Sho edited by Kurukawa. To be noted that the manga will be soon adapted in anime serie"2 w' k+ G) m7 `' f6 x- E  K
( ?# O; C& \$ m

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随手翻译一下(by StxS)
9 V# ]4 @0 \6 F& ]! W; D: \' U1 X0 b' o
% m; ~- ~& x6 j% G/ [+ a( }+ W记者:《圣斗士星矢》系列在1986年由车田正美创立,至今仍未完结。2013年,在Episode G,LC,ND等多部漫画之后,我们看到了一部由久织老师绘画的,名为《圣斗少女翔》的新漫画。这部漫画是为《圣斗士星矢》中的女性战士而作。我们有幸见到了这位更愿意身处影中为大家带来美型画作的漫画家。
' R0 b- L0 f, L! O+ T0 U
5 P) b. a4 W# z久织:从基础上来说,《圣斗少女翔》企划本来是一个全新的《圣斗士星矢》作品,本应该是一个只有女孩子参与的故事。但这就引发了下面的问题:《圣斗士星矢》原来的粉丝会喜欢这个与他们之前看到的相比有些不同的世界么?《圣斗士星矢》是男性的系列,这是个客观事实。我们认为,为了实现让这一系列也能被《圣斗士星矢》原来的粉丝接受的目标,必须把这个故事建立在一个能让原来的战士日常出场的时间线上,这才能满足所有人。! s' Q! q4 Y& Y- B6 P) N! p

0 Q. x+ ?6 K( R* c4 v记者:久织老师一卷一卷地,成功把故事跟原作联系在一起了呢。
6 T& R* l6 \) L0 `* P# l8 q5 ?9 S8 o5 ~. r
0 w5 _& a& L) D; @. U6 ^9 }& X; b; Z3 w8 Y+ D2 g, H
记者:通过翔子的奋斗历程,这部漫画给了我们再一次与一些《圣斗士星矢》角色见面的机会,并且给他们自己的故事增加了新元素。& r% L0 a0 s+ z" h6 x" B" J4 H6 C
* A1 {8 I) u/ }- x3 I
' Z) U$ m7 n$ @+ _- o  r" }3 Y% j# ~; C" I9 \% b6 o
记者:为了创造与原有的漫画和系列不同的新战士,久织老师任务艰巨。( h" r; ?; _( V6 I9 O

" R9 a1 w+ y6 c久织:对于圣斗少女来说,事情没这么复杂,因为这是全新的人物,而且我早就从车田正美老师那里得到了指导,他告诉我“她们是五个人,她们差不多是像这样的”。最麻烦的事情是创造新的战士。因为如果他们是在原有作品中从未出现过的战士,我们需要去想象他们。确实我们还有一个尚未被使用过的星座表,这个表是越来越短了。因此从这一点上来说,想找到一个可用的,或者说尚未在动画或者其他漫画中出现过的星座是有些困难的。" Z0 H2 O7 ^& g3 c1 G( I% U) k

7 S' W" K0 l5 |$ M& `记者:《圣斗士星矢》宇宙似乎是一个无限的灵感来源,在过去的三十年中,派生作品层出不穷。
9 |  h6 |1 `8 U. W
( L/ |3 h' B3 e久织:实际上,在我看来,最适合的部分已经被放到原作动画系列里面了。另一方面,我对于我们能补充些什么内容并没有太多的想法。现在,我非常关注ND,在每个新篇章,都会发现新的出场人物,我也热切期待(都不耐烦了)谁会是下一个出场人物。$ C+ F' T8 c8 ~- Q3 j6 d; y

0 G' u) ]+ ^, @4 A记者:《圣斗少女翔》已经出了8卷。需要强调一下,这部漫画很快就要动画化了哦!
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jf.lee 发表于 2017-2-17 05:25
3 f4 g+ h0 d1 B6 \: e' I8 w4 D楼主,请问Chimaki Kuori是谁啊?他(她)的中文译名是什么啊?还有这是什么面试啊?是不是面试配音圣斗少 ...

( t" G9 |$ V: U- y9 ]就是久织啊,是一个采访不是面试,跟动画也没有关系,lz不是很懂中文,所以写错了
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2 z& `. m4 B/ M/ ]' v  w能看到久织现画有点激动啊
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jf.lee 发表于 2017-2-17 05:25
' n# A0 `2 P2 f' u$ G楼主,请问Chimaki Kuori是谁啊?他(她)的中文译名是什么啊?还有这是什么面试啊?是不是面试配音圣斗少 ...

, O; f: Q# \& D1 Y6 Z% T; g) l就是 久织啊,他的名字吗 台湾那边出版的正版刊物上 的译名 是 久织知槙 但日本国内的都说教 久织宗子 我是觉得“粽子”不好听 因此 我一直认同台湾翻译的  久织知槙
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StxS 发表于 2017-2-17 15:49
4 W9 B" s2 t% g随手翻译一下(by StxS)
0 f8 ~& ?" n& U3 X# c
! x2 T0 F) ^* Y记者:《圣斗士星矢》系列在1986年由车田正美创立,至今仍未完结。2013年,在E ...

! `. b6 T# \. C感谢大神翻译!
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