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[讨论&感想] Saint Seiya Next Dimension Part.85- Raw Full Color‼ By NDSeiya

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感谢分享 楼主威武
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% x0 F) s. f3 f6 J1 M; y
3 u. u, p2 D8 c8 x6 V  w! F9 _* v/ ZSaint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Part 85  Spell Of Awakening
7 p' T" `; L8 X- s+ y* o* d' l. p0 v9 E9 ?. n  N# C5 E" {5 M
Masami Kurumada4 }% D, L# ~. n- [  h6 L% @2 g

: L- K9 N7 s2 q  K5 m# B1 v* n  {3 QDankobon Vol. 1-11 On Sale With Rave Reviews!!1 y! y7 \/ j7 t/ [4 y, y. r. E7 F

+ p: K) u0 P4 r( N" b/ M) ^) {This man that appeared in front of Shion who guards the Palace of Aries,* P7 P3 j% o$ S1 Y& ]9 i
is he indeed the legendary Saint ...!?' h+ t' k. U0 |! h# K

6 u( d  H% _) Q* gShion: "O..."8 U& R" X: ]; s
"Odysseus..."& }/ c; O. m3 |" w; E
"Tha ... That appearance is ..."& k: D; u  s" H  T/ v# ~3 ?( v
"stunning just as before ..."& |9 v$ ~. ]2 a6 D
4 t3 V" q; M8 E. G" Z- x3 J& x
Synopsis:  While the entire Sanctuary falls into intense slumber, at last the legendary Ophiuchus Gold
, K! D8 O9 ~, p  gSaint resurrects ...!!0 N9 r8 [7 n# u4 Y$ }6 ~5 A5 |

5 w9 c0 d9 c) W. F% H8 iShion: "The entire body's scalding you sustained when saving the young Dohko and I ..." "Since then your appearance had often been concealed by robe ..."
# i- J9 o& C2 D0 m# m+ [; d& z" ~8 j, x) V+ W; |' \- o
Odysseus: "Shion" "I was undoubtedly reborn ..."/ p: a- _' a1 s" n+ _( K
"in order to kill Athena ...!!"2 \* h, J( U# Q" B
5 l) x! r( b/ w3 w0 m
Shion: "O ... Odysseus"# F: d) I; k4 e: o% w3 k4 j* k0 J
"Though I didn't want to believe so is that the truth!?"
9 b/ `* M% @6 A
& a" H# c6 o( I3 L* g1 ?Odysseus: "What would you do?"4 I. R, U! I4 ^7 `, }) W

0 q; [/ f. E% l7 TShion: "Wh ... What!?") a. N  p* n) s) J' D7 G: a- p

1 m1 \9 }  P5 @: E" W9 U! d$ pOdysseus: "Would you follow me"1 D. i2 o( Y5 g; V/ h! q* n, X! n
"or would you guard Athena?"& x1 I. P& f- K- M
"Alright, answer me, Shion"2 V3 g2 S% {3 G6 g: N
"I woke you up to ask that"
! W; z1 s6 C2 u- Q1 J8 Z( d5 {/ s/ M' n
Shion: "Wh ..."
9 _1 P+ Z& I7 R# R5 e3 ^) u
1 m& e0 N% C. L% S' g/ j' D8 }Odysseus: "Is it me!"% r% Y7 f: [2 \2 H4 r$ c
"Or is it Athena!"  U* |' k8 C9 J5 Y8 Z: \. z

, C5 G* Q3 |$ @& H3 E& J% mShion: "Kuh"
3 t/ H& t( p4 Q& ["It ... It goes without saying ..."
0 C7 f5 |9 v/ z6 v5 k* j! P1 h1 f* v2 {
, h$ y& R5 ^9 w( @3 J4 c+ |+ a0 D5 N" O5 S, c6 t
Shion: "Even if it's you who I owe great debts to, I am Athena's Saint": h* Z* ^# t0 i' K
"I won't let you pass through here!"5 H8 u) `+ c; V
5 G! t% u" G) Y  t! F% t
Odysseus: "Shion"
  \7 w) |/ C/ @9 W* |' ?, F) W"Well said", ^0 @3 m0 a$ ~: |/ n3 q
" j; ^1 s3 Z' m+ s. K
Shion: "O ..."- \0 d8 P1 I% s1 U8 z
8 l1 O) X) b/ a+ O5 h
9 D* J# |+ C( z+ U5 AOdysseus: "However ..."
$ i6 R! F& L3 c+ Y
9 T: i( t0 j, U! E' rShion: "Uh" "The ... The Crystal Wall was ..."/ z- c% \9 [/ [% e( {. f
"instantly vaporized ..."5 p' ]) G) ^- C1 K) ~3 s
& c& o& g( U- V( ^0 ]
Odysseus: "You can't stop me with this level of power" "I'll only ask once more"! I5 e4 k  ?' F
"Would you follow me!? Or Athena!?"
; d9 O! V/ v1 g# z% `( Z7 x2 C2 ]
) u% {* F0 R% N, m1 a( B& EShion: "I ... I wish you wouldn't make me repeat the same thing"# ?* `$ d# u$ ]1 b/ I9 N
"I am Athena's Saint"1 v* d7 }- q1 M4 O1 b' c% ~
"Even if this body were to perish"
; g; W3 [3 d) |4 i; D# d$ v" T"I will guard Athena till the end!!"
& [0 g+ J7 X  ^! |' U$ u"Ah ..."8 ?) Z, z! d' E0 S$ U3 p
"Ahhh ...") L2 ]1 \1 m+ @& ?3 o5 f1 q1 g7 C
) g; L& _2 d. u% i' x' ~
Odysseus: "Shion" "I've certainly accepted your resolve"( `7 t5 \# y% B! g) n- Y3 e5 f- L! Z

( O1 w. I( C- s' Q/ k: jShion: "My ... My body ..."
. L( j* [! i$ V  _5 f"The power in my body is dissipating"
; |: t, g* H& }- L5 {"O ... Odysseus"
' k( |$ ^$ E& G; H"What kind of attack did you use?"7 `# c/ ?* M' K! X7 q  L! K

( _( L& Z& b! W2 }: t6 @& R- p4 hOdysseus: "I wouldn't attack" "My mission is not to attack but to remedy"8 w) e9 d2 b' Z
Have I not kept es of all the Saintssince the past to the end?
% [! h/ i6 {  W1 B' |& C  N& @( Y; p: _7 J9 C& {7 v! G5 y
Shion: "Mmhh"" G% u9 i  |  a6 x- Y* O
: X$ M0 @: d' N  |# s6 W8 K
Odysseus: "What I did now was merely revoking the spell of awakening that was bestowed"8 U3 V& Y& x: G9 q

2 g+ M* P9 h! y2 K( j7 M) m# A* j! ^Shion: "Sp ... Spell of awakening ......"" E/ [+ Q1 u+ ~! l, T5 h( N) z
# }( s5 U# u( f- M, a  y1 E. R, f
Odysseus:  "If the spell is revoked, you simply fall into slumber again" "due to the Palace of Ophiuchus's healing which has enveloped the Sanctuary ..."- }6 s" s, N( f, g# X% }, i& M" O# l
"into a deep slumber ..."4 K" x0 Z: n; g4 |6 ^1 C, {7 s

7 `+ X$ I* C! RAcheron River
. G8 m& i+ D9 C: r1 H4 r5 b4 t  W/ c5 Q: u- J0 q; }
Ferryman Specter: "Sheesh, how dull" "The deceased haven't come at all" "Though there seems to be dimensional distortion taking place"0 M! y$ g" X. W. ~2 A7 t
"I wonder if the deceased have also become stagnant coz of that?"' f" p# h2 L0 l5 n& s
"That's it, there's a deceased"
! H. l5 X; \" R3 ?1 `- Y  s* F"That big fella"
/ M' P: F% G" u' F( P"Don't just keep sitting there like that"6 Y+ ~: }  }9 P4 R; e
"Damn it, don't you have ferriage?"
: P$ R1 z/ L7 D" G* t% I5 ^"Hey hey, big fella, I'm the ferryman of Acheron": D' u. F% T, q, P+ v2 \6 J
"Are you riding or not, which is it?"! e  A# L: s7 l4 o: c+ _- n& Q& Y
"This is the boarding point to the Underworld"3 w; c9 E! j, x  Z8 S
"Not a resting spot"- u; e+ X! a, i- P( v# P  F& f
"Is this guy sleeping?"
) g. U. \' x: b/ d/ @  U  s"Hey, say something"/ m! _% ]/ Y2 [! b! [
"Wha ... What's with this guy?"
) x- ^9 c/ ~/ R3 V' u"Isn't he still alive!?"( Y" o* K) v# y' Q
"Uh"# F  Y5 z* I1 V; b( X9 H0 x5 L! H
"Wha ... What's more is upon closer look this guy ...", a- C% Y( S. X; R8 Z
"Aren't ... Aren't you Athena's Saint?"
+ y7 g: u. j  c+ [( ~$ I7 H& ^) ~"What are you doing at a place like this"9 S8 {1 j3 i8 ~; t1 R) w
"If you are not dead you won't be able to cross the Acheron River"% a$ S- S% P% |
0 H5 O0 T3 [$ g" i
Odysseus: "Cut it out!"
6 Z% O* ~  o9 r4 S1 p5 I- J$ u4 v
Ferryman Specter: "Wha!?"3 X' S# b* y; T* P$ x& B5 s! k
"Who ...", K6 K) o% x0 a$ N4 `1 v1 [
"Who are you!?"- v/ I9 m* b7 X0 {! _9 m  B

. i1 H" N) s* H0 t% MOdysseus: "You shouldn't be so rough.  I'm bringing that fellow back."
4 \( G# D& Q; |/ H9 U* ]+ c6 d; ~" K  _% R
Ferryman Specter: "Wha ..."( ~3 e* q, a$ H" v; t8 t9 H
"What the hell ~~~~~~!?", W+ J+ z5 _3 a" K3 u5 b3 G
( n% V  [% V( _! V8 s+ y9 r* z% l1 G
Odysseus: "Ox, get a hold of yourself"/ c/ [4 p- ^- |6 a7 J5 f
"Ox!"" U) f! e. ]) ?- ~

. ~2 Y9 L. J! Q8 q6 T9 UOx: "Ah ...!?"
+ Y1 E; ^+ n( x. ]% j"O ... Odysseus!?"
! c+ e/ `5 R  l8 a"Cou ... Could it be ... The fact that you're here means ..." "this is the Underworld!?"9 F7 N' Z2 y( }

5 t0 S) q9 S) B4 N+ M! wOdysseus: "No"# ^4 t* _" O: O: r7 z) G
"You weren't able to cross the Acheron River in the state of suspended animation"7 C8 }: D! n5 f3 }( y, x
8 j, h5 X0 s5 v: `" j6 t
Ox: "Sus ... Suspended"+ P- p: p2 z' k6 d5 _  `6 {  |
, [( s* F2 n' |  O& F) X2 }
Odysseus: "Alright, let's go back together"
$ u& y) N2 |) r( m/ o"to the Sanctuary"/ g/ }: E+ `" y' i7 n: M! t, Z
1 e- v7 m7 K8 ?) c- |1 S
Ox: "Bu ... But Odysseus"* L' _7 ~6 r* N* ^- c
"Why have you who passed away?"
2 v0 a: B. J' Z$ P4 d; n3 A; J5 \& L6 m3 k
Odysseus: "I've resurrected on Earth"9 @! R2 \+ h& K
"as the Thirteenth Gold Saint"1 Q$ T9 n8 X0 W+ G* N1 v

& y- V" z2 U! jOx: "Wha ... What did you say!?"
: s, i/ u9 }$ Z# F. g0 U"the Thirteenth Gold Saint!!"; m; O( q' a, `' B' n

  n; X* |1 w! HFerryman Specter: "Hey yo"
! B" D- L' X0 j) D- H$ B- t"Hey hey hey, the two of you, what do you think this place is?"2 l, S3 ?& z3 d2 I& p6 J
"It's the entrance of hell where even crying children stay silent"
7 y$ ], ~) s' g, r6 D* k"You think you can come and go as you please?"
0 {2 r2 J+ N% f; K4 {6 H. p$ S; k+ E' z# |1 P
Odysseus: "It's not much but to apologize for the disturbance"- ~: C. D5 q  c# _  L. D

+ I. H. r  {. Z; V: W1 QFerryman Specter: "Aren't ... Aren't these gold nuggets?"8 y  n9 }+ j, G0 R- W
"With just this even several hundred people can ride the ferry"
( P0 |! u* o( ^- |3 m0 Q- w4 z, R8 R
Odysseus: "Soon there'll probably be many Saints coming"4 M$ M8 M2 m5 {+ w; i" X

* T7 c+ q$ B' o6 Q8 [+ s4 e: ~  m/ @Ferryman Specter: "Eh?"
! }( c9 ^0 \  t% |. D6 p5 ^3 B0 K3 j4 z+ _0 V
Odysseus: "Please take it in advance as ferriage for that moment"
0 }, B0 [  L/ ?5 ?$ H8 H9 X" X# _% v: `  b3 w) y. W1 c
Ferryman Specter: "Ah ..."
: z% O; j- c6 n) r8 K0 f* t "Ahh ..."1 Q4 u& P3 m. O7 H/ C. I' L

& L* E' E* `) O( P9 H3 @& z6 W# OOdysseus: "Then let's get going, Ox"
  [/ E) A9 a2 X$ }9 E; @- W* l# |! U
Ferryman Specter: "Wha!?"+ ?4 \4 C( E. B7 z+ g0 M
"They ... They vanished") G: e7 g& A9 S# E/ f8 X5 K0 ~$ _
"Did those guys return to the living world!?"
, a& O9 J* E* {& d* Z  N0 a& I "Bu ... But what did that guy say!?"
$ Y7 k7 z  E0 A* N" S# [ " What did he say about the Thirteenth Gold Saint!? "( s$ J2 y# @; u7 M* c  o8 \

6 K" a! c3 X. Q' d# o, YWith the ushering of Odysseus Taurus Ox resurrects!?
( o- j8 J9 I+ D9 n: X% F: u
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Thanks for sharing...
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暗黑的破壞神 发表于 2017-9-28 00:28- Y' K5 o3 V- u
@}: l8 y( e" o1 H- U3 ]

& a/ U  X- y9 b1 M' uSaint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Part 85  Spell Of Awakening
* [$ ?6 @- x! g9 V! N' N/ I
wow very fast !!! Thank you very much for your great work, my friend!
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謝謝 收下了
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