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[资讯] New data from the live action movie of Saint Seiya 11/7/2018

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New data from the live action movie of saint seiya:

1. Staff:

Director: Tomek Bagiński
Screenplay: Will Geiger, Blazej Dzikowski and Eugene Son (this also participates in the remake of the series for Netflix)
Producers: Ikezawa Yoshi, Joseph Chou and Jeffrey Chan.
Executive Producers (Post-Production): Tim Kwok and Miguel A. Faura.

2. The company GFM Films (from London, England) was selling the film at the American Film Market 2018 (10/31 - 11/7) in Santa Monica (California), United States.

3. Filming will begin in the european summer 2019 (period between June and September)

4. A short synopsis was revealed: "A troubled young man answers the call to become the Pegasus Knight in order to save mankind from threatening mythological forces."

5. The movie has as provisional name "Knights Of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya"

6. The movie is cataloged as action/adventure with a duration of 90min.

7. Sola Entertainment joins A Really Good Film Company and Toei Animation Co. to provide funding for the project.

Sources: ... ights-of-the-zodiac

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Original article of the SCREENDAILY page with the news of the movie (Live-Action) of Saint Seiya, which was mysteriously deleted (this article is the source of the new data of the film) and screenshots of other pages

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