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[剧透] Part48 炎の友情(转自2CH)

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$ `3 q8 k# ?/ N( c; _' z5 ?# D( Y/ g
Part48 炎の友情 8 t1 A2 V" @/ k  ?, r
五老峰で畑を耕す紫龙のもとに现れた氷河 - g3 B. y% b0 f% `
! A: y1 `# N. k2 u! W7 u3 p紫龙を殴ろうとする氷河だがそこに现れた春丽と赤ん坊・翔龙を见て紫龙に别れを告げる 2 n' h0 W5 e7 e
0 N. e# a8 m7 K" c氷河と戦うために彼を追ってきた斗马だが卑怯者と紫龙を殴り付ける 斗马マジ热い奴 * F8 t; I* ?; n- {: s4 H
殴られ滝に落ちた紫龙の前にドラゴンのクロスが! どうやら滝に封印していたらしい ; c! d' \9 c2 [: U1 P# B8 H( a) r
2 U: ^$ @! N( H4 i* t手には老师の杖も持ってます 何かの伏线か?
- i  `# z# O, k5 U: Z+ r) |0 J& N) x翔龙は山で拾ったみなしごのようです
& Y% D( z5 {5 A( ?' M: I4 n- T- O作者コメント「新シーズン発进!お待たせしました。紫龙の登场です。激読よろしく!!」
# {: n- v, P* z, |9 e8 `) i
& ~; S3 M2 ]5 Z5 }+ |7 b' n, L  ~" O9 ~  y! J# K
百度吧友“老衲法号麻婆”译文如下; a6 X" \+ w* S% U
3 R4 g7 ~9 ~2 |( Z8 z" a$ z, e
冰河出现在五老峰耕作的紫龙面前。8 {: Z' ^8 n& N; t. J5 C% S* p
* N, {$ \$ v& h- ~, Z& a- L% r正想殴打紫龙时,冰河看见春丽抱着称为翔龙的婴儿出现,便与紫龙告别。
; m+ ?% ~( z' \+ ?0 C( c冰河离开后,五老峰瀑布前紫龙一个人对着老师的手杖哭泣,此时天斗士斗马出现。
, n4 \' R. d9 u, _- ~3 J为了追击冰河的他,以懦弱为理由对紫龙予以痛殴。斗马真是个热血的家伙。
" O+ ?( p: A3 @! m0 O! a! ^5 \' a% i; e被殴而坠入瀑布的紫龙面前,正是天龙座的圣衣。似乎处于被封印的状态中。) F( ]7 b! z% M& H9 Q; B" a# B& @
" N+ v9 ]# v! l* t6 d. T紫龙手中是老师的手杖,这又是怎样的伏笔呢?
5 p, D! Z1 x! h翔龙似乎是山中捡到的孤儿。9 p- {0 n0 g% `4 y% `0 v; x8 t

3 m. h9 P9 f! [8 }" x- `; j( _作者感言:“向新季度突进!紫龙的登场让大家久等了!敬请尽情观看!”


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google6 M5 m9 X; h1 `

  ~9 i9 E& G0 ~* [
Part48 Flame friendship
6 K1 B4 h1 o) i& F! J# e# ?' ~9 a0 y) {5 e" s
Glacier that appeared in the original dragon purple plow a field with five old peaks1 ^0 j( O6 l7 G$ _  N
Shiryu will refuse to fight anymore and that all past glacier say will save both but Seiya
- C, G4 a; e3 Y& J8 TSay goodbye to the purple dragon to see Chun-Li and Ryu Sho-baby who appeared there, but trying to hit a glacier that Shiryu7 V7 X% {5 d( K) c" M  V
Doo horse appears in front of the purple dragon wand Roshi tears to one peak in the waterfall of five old glacier has left* M4 t, j7 t) R2 J+ N1 t
Really hot guy to beat a dragon and purple horse doo cowards but horse doo came after him to fight the glacier' J( ]& ]& Y( v
Cross in front of the Dragon Shiryu fell in waterfall beaten! I seem to have been sealed Apparently waterfall
7 t" Y5 @# T8 w4 v& Z1 RShiryu has decided to fight again the journey was a cross backpack and say goodbye to Sho Ryu Chun-Li7 y+ Z9 `3 `4 p/ q
Or foreshadowing of something that also has a stick in the hands of Roshi?/ J6 q; ^! ~$ u1 o3 w( K
Yong Xiang is picked up as an orphan in the mountains& f( L$ K3 f; L
"Thank you for waiting is appearance! Start the new season.'s Shiryu. Reading Geki!"
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8 e% m" I7 u7 |5 v4 W% r4 V1 U0 P$ E
! C5 n: G+ _. I  s6 u翔龙价更高
+ U! y  Z! P, Q' r" K( V# g  [若为星星故5 V" J. U5 Z, c# {4 ^% y) O
提杖披戎装' X4 Z( V' q+ c1 y# |
) f; |( i) I& l# u5 _3 }/ n
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小泊川 发表于 2012-12-4 16:28
! M  x) Z# h1 D难道童虎的拐棍有何特异功能,比如是穿越到上代,能令女神从婴儿恢复为成人的关键?
% p" C$ X5 @" x1 C! @
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4 ]" M! n* E! B+ I5 n7 l  w1 c; R4 Y1 Q  l( R$ Y2 r$ j- K% V5 U
SSP Archangel大人的翻译,google法译英:
5 @  C4 [* ^2 m9 U5 _+ `8 X+ W$ Q7 f+ v8 R# E; T+ ?2 K  Y
An ardent friendship
+ t3 E) O) x6 c/ M0 K! y2 gHyoga comes to Rozan, where Shiryu cultivates a field.
2 D7 R6 Y. N* F4 T3 oShiryu but decided to leave the fighting behind him and refuses to help save Seiya Hyoga. % D4 G" q/ ?2 }5 B# x
Hyoga Shiryu is about to hit, but Shunrei Shoryu comes with a baby, and Hyoga goes.
0 M" c9 x8 R9 q/ \After Hyoga left, Shiryu, one near the waterfall Rozan, crying on the stick Roshi. Toma arrives. 1 B; S1 Q- e) }: M* f8 B
Toma had come to catch and recombattre Hyoga, Shiryu it hits by a coward. Tôma is Nekketsu. 9 `4 D0 B" _$ s7 U  {* j
Shiryu falls into the waterfall, and Cloth Dragon appears before him, she was apparently sealed in the cascade.
( ~+ l* Y; K: t* n0 Z7 n. OShiryu is redécide from the fight, and bade farewell to Shunrei and Shoryu, Cloth carrying her on his shoulders, taking with him the cane Doko.
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紫龍總算盼到你出場了... 做等圖透
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